Getting Jobs Done with Group Home One

Everyone at Group Home One has been keeping busy and working on a variety of jobs. The ladies all worked together to make some fire starters which are for sale at SARCAN if you would like to purchase some. Brooke, Irene, & Margaret worked with Sharaya and Melanie to create these easy to use fire starters with mostly recycled materials.

All of the houses have been helping out at the garden space near the Clearview Community Church and each house is growing some of their own flowers and veggies as well. Take a look at all the pictures to see how everything is growing!

Brooke and Irene spent some time outside watering their garden box and beautiful flower pots this week. Thank you for the help ladies! Everything is looking great! They were also able to harvest lettuce for a salad again on this day. DELICIOUS!

Bradley lent a hand mowing and trimming the lawn at the Activity Centre! He did a wonderful job and enjoyed getting some fresh air!