Programs We Offer



Activity Centre

A day program runs Monday to Friday at 1001 7th Ave West Kindersley SK. The program offers recreation and leisure activities as well vocational contract work, volunteer work, and training in basic life skills.

Community Based Program

The community based program runs during the week providing opportunities for volunteering, skill building and community involvement at various locations throughout Kindersley.

Supported Independent Living

Individuals living in an apartment setting are provided with the necessary training and support required, to promote success in independent, or semi-independent living.


West Central Abilities operates three different residences that accommodate four to six individuals on a full time basis. One space is allocated to accommodate short term respite needs. Supervision and assistance is provided twenty four hours a day for individuals requiring a high level of care.

SARCAN Recycling

West Central Abilities operates a SARCAN Depot, which provides a local collection, processing and marketing system to recycle all ready to drink beverage containers, household paint with labels still on and electronics within our community.

What Is Our Goal?

Having a person-centered culture.

Which Means: 

  • I feel a sense of belonging with those around me; having a close circle of friends; feeling companionship.
  • I feel valued by those in my life.
  • My voice is heard and my choices are respected.
  • I am accepted and experience comfort in knowing that I have the ability to engage in meaningful activities without barriers; to participate fully in community life.
  • I know there is someone to advocate and support me and my support team will help me achieve my goals.
  • I have choice and control over my life.
  • I am afforded the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of life experiences and learning opportunities.
  • I want to be with others; not being afraid of people; not being afraid to go outside; feeling relaxed in interactions with others.
  • I feel like people in my life need me as much as I need them.
  • I am recognized as a person and feel and express personal gifts and talents.

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