We Have the Treats!!!

Each of the houses has been getting creative in the kitchen lately. The monthly activity calendar has had many food related activity suggestions and it is always interesting to see where each groups’ imaginations leads them.

Karly celebrated egg day by decorating some cool egg-shaped cookies. She also enjoyed preparing and of course eating egg salad sandwiches for lunch, devilled eggs with supper and a chocolate egg for an afternoon treat! The day was egg-celent!!

Group Home 1 also worked on decorating their egg cookies on this day. They look egg-ceptional! Check out the edge-to-edge icing work that Bradley did.
Group Home 3 enjoyed ice cream day by pairing some vanilla ice cream with banana bread YUM!!!! They also tried something new and sampled ice cream on a bun Filipino style.

Group Home 1 took ice cream day to the next level and made their own! Mixing milk, cream and sugar, in a bag. And then placing those milk bags in a big bag of ice and salt. After some serious shaking and some cold fingers, the ice cream was done! The salt and ice flash-freeze the milk, transforming it into delicious vanilla ice cream!

Everyone got to pick their toppings and enjoy a nice cool treat!

Brooke, Brad, Irene, Margaret, Sharaya, and Kristine were really on a roll 😉 when they cooked up some homemade donuts!!! Everyone lent a hand and some muscle to the process and the results look a-GLAZE-ing!!!

Thank you for taking the time to check in on what and how we are doing. We appreciate everyone who follows us on Facebook or reads our website blog posts.