Visiting the Petting Zoo

In August we took a road trip to Wilkie to visit the Prairie Oasis Petting Zoo and got to see Prairie Branches’ new Day Program building in Wilkie! Upon arrival in Wilkie, we headed to the new Day Program building, it was a bit tricky to find as the signage hasn’t been changed over yet. Everyone was excited to see the new building and we were grateful to be able to have our lunch and use the accessible changing area before heading to the petting zoo.

When we arrived at the Prairie Oasis Petting Zoo, our group was greeted by the adorable farm cat. The cat went from one person to the next, rubbing against legs and hopping up on laps. He was very friendly, and many individuals offered to take him home. Next, we headed over to the pony pen, there were two ponies and a donkey. Liam, Margaret, and Irene fed their whole treat bags to the sociable ponies and donkey.

Richard the llama was shy at first, but quickly came over for a visit with the promise of oats and carrots to snack on. Aaron and Trevor were intrigued by the many goats and pigs and spent much of their time observing them. There were also chickens, ducks, and bunnies that we were able to hold, pet and feed.

The lamb appeared to be the favorite though. He pranced around getting pets form anyone who was willing! It was a fantastic day!