Stepping Back in Time at the Kindersley & District Plains Museum

In early September, we were able to visit the Kindersley & District Plains Museum. Everyone packed a lunch and we were able to enjoy our lunch in the back of the museum together. After eating, we toured around the indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Margaret and Irene noted that they enjoyed seeing the houses and remembered having some of the same items in their own home when they were younger. They recognized some furniture items as familiar. Irene reminisced about helping her mother churn butter and both ladies were quite interested to see the store and the doctor’s equipment.

Liam and Aaron both found many items of interest in the school house, and were quite surprized at how different it was from the schools they have attended. Liam sat at the front and imagined what it would be like to be a teacher. Aaron thought that some of the items found in the school were funny compared to what he has at school now.

A few individuals made their way to the train station and checked out the old equipment. Chantele, Brad, Liam, Margaret and Irene waited outside for a train, but one never came. They decided to pose for a picture instead. Liam had fun ringing the big fire bell outside as well.

We look forward to visiting the museum again and are so glad that many of the exhibits and buildings were accessible to us! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful museum in our community!