Pet Visit

Honey, the quaker parrot, returned for a visit at the Day Program.  She flew around and toured the space before settling in for a visit with a few people.  We had some seeds to offer her, but she wasn’t interested today.  While she was on the table Brad leaned in for a real close up! Quaker parrots can live to be 20-30 years old!  Honey is about 5 years old now.  Although we tried to get her to talk, she kept pretty quiet today.

Roxie the hedgehog also came for a visit.  She is 4 years old and likes to eat cat food!  We kept her wrapped in a towel because her little quills can be very pokey. Some people were brave enough to pet her while others decided just looking was great!

Cuddles the cat is 9 years old and was a big hit!  He got some pets and snuggled and purred away.

We are grateful to Colette and Lexi for taking the time to bring their interesting collection of pets for a visit once again!!