Keeping Busy this Winter

There were many fun activities through the winter to help us stay busy and not think about the cold so much!

A group has been enjoying playing some mini sticks hockey! Irene is very competitive in most games and sports and this was no different. She was very intent on winning no matter the competitor! Trevor was just there to have fun and show off his moves, winning was less important to him.

Karly’s 40th Birthday was a wonderful day and we were so lucky to celebrate with her. She brought not one but two delicious cakes to share with everyone at the Activity Centre and her house! Thanks for sharing!!! We hope that you enjoy your 40th year!!

Our friend Noah stopped by with his grandma for a visit through the winter as well. We don’t often get to see Noah so it was very exciting to get to hang out with him for an afternoon. He circulated through the building checking in and spending time with many individuals. The tiny hockey sticks came out for a game with Trevor, He brought Brooke a book so she could read with him and helped Helen with her puzzle for a while. It is always a joy to see Noah and we look forward to his next visit!

As always, we continued with activities such as building puzzles, playing games, crafts, getting active and moving and whatever else individuals were interested in doing.