Painting Bags at the Library

Though it was a cold day, Margaret and Irene were very excited to participate in this wonderful craft at the Kindersley Library! Pat did a wonderful job of guiding us through this project!

We started by taping out a design on our bags. Once the design was laid out, the ladies were very excited to add a variety of bright colours to their bags. Margaret and Irene chose similar colours but made very different patterns on their projects, one with stripes and the other with assorted shapes. They both look so bright and cheery on these blustery winter days!

Nishil and Leera were also able to join in, Leera make a Philippine flag with a maple leaf peeking out and Nishil made a Canada-India Flag. Great work everyone!

Many thanks to the Kindersley Library, especially Pat for inviting us to participate in this wonderful activity! We only wish the weather had been nicer so more people could attend