Lovely Letters

We were very surprised and excited to receive Valentines letters from a grade 9 English class at Kindersley Composite School after Valentines Day. Everyone loved reading about the students and their interests. Letters were handed out at random to individuals at the day program and it was so interesting to see how many students had common interests with the person who received their letter.

Liam received a letter from a young man, Austin, who is also very interested in music. Brad read a letter from Zach, who is growing up on a farm which is one of Brad’s greatest joys, being a farmer! It was also exciting because Brad remembers when Zach’s mom worked at West Central Abilities a few years ago. Regan’s son Liam was in the class that wrote letters and Darryl was excited to make that connection and write a letter back to Liam.

Individuals enjoyed writing letters back to each student, with some help from staff when needed and we were excited to return a bundle of letters to Miss Weese’s class this week! We hope that the student’s appreciate learning a little about us too!