Here is to January and New Beginnings

We spent much of January indoors as the weather was quite chilly but we stayed busy all month long!! There were snow globes, painting projects, video bingo, pancit and more!!

At the beginning of the month, individuals used recycled jars to make their own snow globes. They got to choose from a collection of items to fasten to their snow globe including plastic balloons or assorted animals and then chose what to use as “snow” there were all colours of glitter and various shapes of confetti as well as beads. Everyone seemed to enjoy this activity and was so excited to take their snow globes home we didn’t get pictures of the finished products!

We celebrated International Hot Tea Day with cups of tea to go along with some delicious baking! Group Home 1 made delicious marshmallow peanut butter squares and Group Home 3 enjoyed fudgy brownies! It all looked sooo good!!

Kristine helped Helen and Trevor practice some more skills in the kitchen when they made the Filipino treat of pancit for lunch! It was delicious and there was enough left that they shared with the staff at the office! Thank you!

We have been operating programs from the houses much of January but were still able to connect with each other thanks to technology! One of the favorites is video bingo! One week we even had a special video call with Melanie! We miss you Mel and hope you are back soon!

Much of our time was spent in the kitchen baking and cooking! Making something delicious brings smiles to everyone’s faces!

On January 22, we were saddened with the loss of Amy Wiebe who resided at Group Home One. Though Amy had only lived with us for a short time we had been lucky to get to know her over the past few years as she attended the day program through school regularly. Amy will be fondly remembered by those who had the chance to meet her for her gentle manner, her beautiful smile, and her ability to convey her thoughts through her facial expressions. Thank you to Amy’s family for allowing us to be a part of her life.