Everything But the Kitchen Sink Cooking Challenge

As we were unable to prepare a meal together at the day program this month, a challenge between houses was created. Various people were asked to name an ingredient and this ingredient list was given to the house managers. With the items on hand, each group was tasked with making lunch using this wide array of items!

Each house came up with some delightful ideas for lunch! Using the following ingredients, apples, potatoes, quinoa, bread, pickles, and chicken.  The three lunches turned out great, and each unique.

Group Home One cooked up chicken stir fry over quinoa, baked pickles, and a potato pancake with apple reduction for dessert! Reports are that it was delicious!!

At Group Home Two, quinoa with apple cinnamon porridge, chicken salad sandwiches and soup were on the lunch menu! Thanks to Danielle for pitching in with this one, she really enjoys lending a hand in the kitchen.

GH3 made apple & honey glazed chicken breast burgers, on whole wheat buns, with pickles. Paired with a quinoa and veggie Greek salad, and some homemade potato wedges! Best lunch this week! 👌🏽

Bon Appetit