Wrapping Up May

May brought some wonderful weather and some chilly weather but through it all our spirits stayed high, and everyone stayed busy with various activities.

After many requests, Sharaya brought Cash for a visit at Group Home 3 and everyone was so excited!! Cash received lots of pats and pets and love from everyone and was so well behaved. A visit with a pet is so good for our mental and physical health and we are so grateful that Sharaya was willing to share her lovely pup with us on this day! Look at all those fabulous smiles!!

Everyone at Group Home 1 was feeling fancy so they had a Formal Day, they got dressed up in their best clothes and made themselves a fancy and delicious lunch! Looking wonderful everyone!

Also in May, Group Home 1 had a teddy bear’s picnic. Even though the weather did not cooperate, everyone worked together to prepare a picnic lunch and they invited some furry friends to join them. They also recited the poem together and made some teddy bear art. Sounds like a fun and busy day.

Time was spent relaxing and enjoying and working on the yards to make them beautiful!! If you stroll past Group Home 3 you will see many of the beautiful rocks that they have painted this spring! So many creative ideas! If you are walking by, be sure to give us a wave or say hello!