Witches, Kitties, and a Judge to Preside Over the Fun

On October 29, everyone got dressed up and we had some Halloween fun! There were so many creative costumes including many homemade items like Brooke’s judges robe and gavel, Kim’s Tetley tea bag and Brad’s Case log for his coveralls!

Helen and Tanya were some cute kitties while Sharaya was a fuzzy bunny. Karly was Minnie Mouse and Melanie a minion. Trevor was an old west bad guy, Chantele was Maleficent inspired, and Brianna was a very friendly devil. Margaret and Irene were beautiful witches with very fancy hats! Irene almost boogied her hat right off while dancing. Kristine tried out another new hair style as Raggedy Anne. Colette and Regan sprinkled through as salt and pepper.

Though he is not much of a costume guy, Taylor brought his Frankenstein ball along for the day and shouted out a few “Boos”.

The day was full of fun with time for everyone to show off their costumes, Beetlejuice, ghost bowling and pin the bone on the skeleton rounded out with a delicious made from scratch pizza lunch!

Though we usually celebrate with friends from across the region, this Halloween party was a great one!