WCA Chopped Mystery Basket Challenge

On May 28, 2020 we issued a Chopped Mystery Basket Challenge to all of the Group Homes!

Each house received the same 5 ingredients and created a meal using those ingredients for their lunch and for our fabulous judges!!!  It was so exciting to see how everyone got involved in planning and preparing the meal and everyone enjoyed their creations!!

Group Home One used their box to create roasted pork loin with sage and watermelon marinade, BBQ sweet potatoes with onions and spinach fruit salad with watermelon vinaigrette.

The judges were impressed with the multiple uses of the watermelon and the presentation of the dish!

Great work everyone!!

Group Home Two got creative and made pork kabobs, sweet potato fries, a watermelon and spinach salad and a watermelon dessert!

This was the only house that used their pork loin in a different way and the only house that included dessert! They received the award for Most Creative!

Great work Danielle and Amanda!!!

And the winner is…..

Group Home 3!!! They received the Best Overall Score for their marinated pork loin with sage and garlic with pureed sweet potatoes with bacon and onions and watermelon and spinach salad.

Everyone was up and ready early, flipping through cook books to get inspired before they even knew what their ingredients were!

Great work everyone!!!!

Thanks again to Buy-Low Foods – Kindersley for sponsoring this event!!! You made everyone’s day and helped us learn some new skills!!