Spring is in the Air at West Central Abilities

Last week was the perfect time to start preparing for Spring!!!

All the houses and some of the supported living individuals worked on painting their own flowerpots and personalizing them just the way they like!  There were some beautiful creations made!

We also took a day to learn all about bugs and flowers! Reading bug books and even watching the movies Antz, Epic, and Bee Movie at the houses!  Thanks to the Kindersley Library for putting together a great collection of books for us!

We have even started to plant our seeds and flowers to grow in those beautifully painted pots and out raised garden beds once the weather is ready!!  We are excited to have the garden beds at the group homes for the summer and get back to learning about and growing some of our own food!

Gardening is a great way to stay active, spend time outdoors, stay in touch with nature and is very relaxing and therapeutic for our mental health!