SARC 50th Anniversary

This year is the 50th Anniversary of SARC, the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres.  SARC provides supports through creating training programs, organizing conferences, assisting with labour practices and so much more for agencies across the province including West Central Abilities in Kindersley.

As part of their celebration this year, SARC put out a call for artists who were receiving supports from Community Based Organizations across the province.  Four artists were chosen to work with a professional artist to create a collaborative Art Project to commemorate SARC’s 50th.  Irene Suru was one of the four artists chosen!

Irene travelled to Saskatoon to meet the professional artist who would mentor her and the other 3 selected artists through the process.  She had a great time meeting new people and trying out new techniques!  Everyone worked creating relief impressions on clay.  Irene was very thorough and took her time to create a number of different clay panels.  On the way home, she said, “I worked hard today and I would like to come again.”

She met with everyone one more time and the artists created pieces that would fit together to create one large art piece inspired by their previous work and the skills they displayed.  It was a great time and Irene is excited to attend the SARC Awards Banquet on October 24 to see the completed art piece!

Everyone is so proud of Irene for trying new things and learning new skills as well as for being so brave in front of the film crew!  We can’t wait to see the video and the art piece and for Irene to show her friends how to create relief impressions on clay.

Great job Irene!

Irene Suru on her first day at SARC

Irene Suru and other client artists unveiling their collaborative art piece to commemorate SARC’s 50th Anniversary

Irene Suru on her second day at SARC