Place Your Bets at Group Home 3’s Casino Day!!!

A great day with lots of fun!

Casino Day! Everyone had a chance to play some games, have some fun, and win some prizes!!!

Group Home 3 started out casino day with some decorating, turning our dining room into a fancy casino and card table. Trevor and Helen helped with the decorations and getting everything ready!

We started with a dice game, giving everyone a chance to win themselves some coins (chocolate coins)! Everyone took a chance rolling the dice!

Afterwards, everyone moved onto a house-favourite card game, 7-UP! Here, they could bet their coins and the winner took the jackpot!!!! There was definitely some hootin’ and hollering whenever someone got 7-UP or was able to steal a card from another player!

For refreshments, Sharaya whipped up some Shirley Temples, Virgin Caesars and Non-Alcoholic Beer for everyone!

We finished off casino day with a few rounds of Go-Fish, another house-favourite! Again, betting their coins and trying to win the jackpot!!!! Trevor and Helen sure are stellar card players, they managed to beat bother “card dealers”, Sharaya & Brianna in all games!!!!

Prizes were awarded to all, and everyone took the rest of the afternoon to wind down and enjoy their winnings and treats!!! What a fun day!