Our Visit to the Fire Hall

On Friday, July 15, the individuals, and staff took a trip to the Kindersley Fire Department’s new Fire Hall! Everyone got a chance to tour the hall, check out the trucks and learn about how they operate. Some people even got to venture through the new Fire Simulation trailer.

The visit was very educational as well as fun! We got to see how the firefighters get dressed in their gear for every fire call and got to meet Burny the Beaver!

The individuals were excited to see the fire department members and volunteer photos from the past several decades which are displayed at the fire hall.

We enjoyed our visit to the new fire hall. Thank you to the members of the Kindersley Fire Department for taking the time to educate and entertain us, we hope to come back for another visit soon! Also, thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to the safety and week being of our community! We are luck to have such a wonderful team of volunteers willing to drop everything when the call comes in!