Leaping into May

The first week of May had a whole lot going on! May the 4th was Star Wars Day and Group Home 1 celebrated by making space cookies!!

Karly got into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo by making home made churros that looked so delicious!!!

Later in the week, Kristine made a Filipino lunch of pancit and spring rolls for everyone at Group Home 1. They were kind enough to share some spring rolls with the staff at the office too! Brad and Irene got some exercise after that delicious meal by helping to prepare the raised planters to be moved to the houses. Thanks for all your help lightening the load se we can move them!

Regan and Colette were excited to receive their Leap Certificates after completing the leadership course over the past year!

The week was wrapped up with individuals making Mother’s Day cards and crafts for their mom’s or other special people in their lives.