Kindersley SARCAN Recognizes Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) and Kindersley SARCAN set up a display to recognize this important month and spread awareness in the community.

It is important for individuals with disabilities to be able to obtain employment in the community. It helps people to develop a sense of pride and accomplishment and become more independent.

Employers often report that the individuals that they employ who experience disability have excellent attendance records, are extremely detail oriented and help to create a more positive workplace.

In Saskatchewan we offer Supported Employment to those who require some assistance to get started. Supported Employment helps people experiencing disability to find gainful employment in their community through the assistance of a job coach.

A job coach helps employees transition into their position with ease and supports them and their employer to ensure success in the workplace. Many SARC Member Agencies provide supported employment programs in their community.

Supported employment is a flexible approach to helping people experiencing disability achieve their employment goals.

Stop by SARCAN or head to the SARC website to find out more.