Halloween Preparations!!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! Most of us enjoy a chance to get dressed up and have a party! Having trick or treaters stop by the houses and seeing all their costumes is also something many of the clients look forward to.

As we have been preparing for this wonderful time of year, individuals were able to each carve, paint, or decorate a pumpkin in whatever way they chose. Thanks to a generous donation of pumpkins from Buy-Low Foods!! We got a wonderful variety of designs and styles!
It was fun to see everyone’s ideas come to life and to see how each person reacted to the pumpkin carving textures! Many people were happy to look and not touch the insides. Hahaha.

Also, before the snow came, Irene and Brooke were out checking out Halloween displays in town and got some pictures in front of one of the spookiest houses in town!!