Delicious Treats!

Programs ran from the group homes on a day in June and everyone took the opportunity to bake delicious treats!

Brooke, Irene, Margaret, Brad Bews, and Alyssa were very busy making home made donuts AND imitation Reese peanut butter bars! Everything was delicious and the office staff were drooling just looking at the pictures! They filled the rest of their morning playing cup pong. Looks like everyone had a great time!

Brad Burgardt and Chantele worked together to make some gooey chocolate brownies and icing! Wowza do those look GREAT!!

Helen and Trevor worked with staff to make and decorate a beautiful cake! It turned out wonderfully!

Most of our participants really enjoy opportunities to make and share some treats! It is so nice to see the different items they choose to create!

If you’d like to try making your own peanut butter bars, you can try the recipe we used here!