Decking the Halls!!

Since the end of November, we have been getting into the Christmas spirit! The trees have all been put up and individuals have been working hard to make the activity centre bright and cheery!

It really does make you feel warm inside on a Friday morning when we have movie time, and the tree is lighting the room!

All the individuals pitched in to help make the centrepieces for our Christmas Party on December 3 and we kept them on our tables here for the whole month.

Some individuals including Margaret, Irene and Helen worked for many days to make beautiful, colourful paper chains that adorn our tree and bulletin board and many other places in the building. They are beautiful and took so much work!

We spent a few days decorating doors as well! Individuals and staff planned doors what would weather the winter 😊 and created some very cute snow people and a polar bear that gives us the giggles with his little shorts!

Everyone has enjoyed December so far and are looking forward to a couple more days together before our Christmas break.