Colourful Creations

One of our art projects in March was abstract painting the less mess way. Individuals chose their paint colours and placed them on their papers however they chose, then the papers were slipped into a large zip top bag and squeezed, smushed, and smeared the paint around until they deemed each piece done.

Everyone enjoyed the creative and tactile aspects of the project, and the pictures are beautiful!!!  Some were taken home to share, and some were framed and hung at the Activity Centre!

We also worked on outline images. Individuals chose a spring creature cut-out such as a butterfly or bee and then chose how to decorate it, some made stained glass style images by layering and gluing tissue paper over the openings. Others chose to make their creatures 3 dimensional and added the tissue paper with a pencil dabbed in glue. These beautiful crafts are brightening up the front window at the Activity Centre!