Chopped Challenge: “Winter Blah” Edition

On a chilly day in February, the challenge was issued: Have you had enough of the winter blahs? This mystery box of ingredients is all white. We need some colour to cheer us up and bring us closer to spring. Be creative and use what you have on hand to complement your mystery box.

Each house received chicken, feta cheese, parsnips, Greek yogurt, white mushrooms, pears, and white chocolate before 9:00 am and they had to create a meal using those ingredients by lunch time to serve to the residents and judges to taste.

Judges, Leanne Boychuck, Trent Pelletier, and Kelly Froese scored each meal based on Taste, Presentation and Creativity. In the end, Group Home 3 had the top score, again! They served Creamy Greek Chicken with pasta, feta baked parsnips and carrots and pear, apple, white chocolate crumble with a score of 38.5 out of 45 points! Judges’ comments included that the chicken was very flavorful, and the presentation was excellent!

In second place with 36.5 points was Group Home 2 who served Crispy Chicken with roasted vegetables, a potato and parsnip hash, a bright winter salad with a creamy feta dressing and a pear cobbler with cranberries and blueberries and a white chocolate drizzle. They really tried to use the ingredients in multiple ways with parsnip included in the salad, roasted vegetables and potato hash and yogurt in multiple elements as well. Judges’ comments for this dish included multiple references to the presentation and flavour of the salad in particular.

In third place, only trailing by ½ a point with an even 36 points was Group Home 1 who created an appetiser of feta stuffed mushrooms followed by country fried chicken, mashed garlicy potatoes and parsnips, a mushroom dill sauce and dessert of chocolate ganache cupcakes with chocolate dipped pears and a pear/orange ambrosia salad. The stuffed mushrooms received rave reviews from one judge and the ambrosia salad was loved by another.

Overall, it was another great competition with a lot of excitement and enjoyment from individuals, support staff and the judges!