Celebrating the People we Serve

On Friday, May 17, 2024, we hosted our second annual Client Appreciation Luncheon. This event was an opportunity to celebrate each of the individuals who our agency supports. Individuals invited friends and family members to attend the celebration in their honour.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch, followed by presentations where Tamara shared thoughts compiled by staff for each individual and presented each group with a pizza party basket!

It was wonderful to gather and celebrate together and to see the joy on faces when their family and friends arrived for the party!

Group Home 1

Aaron  3 years with West Central Abilities

Aaron is Group Home One’s resident weather channel expert. He can tell you what day the weather channel changes the background music to suit the seasons and when to expect all of the seasonal holiday music to start playing. He likes to listen to music and has recently been using Spotify on his iPad to listen to…wait for it. Christmas music! He does keep track of everyone’s birthday’s and will ask anyone he meets, their birthday and the year they were born.

Brooke 11 years with West Central Abilities

Brooke is Group Home One’s social butterfly. She likes to chat with her friends and family on her cell phone and always has a smile on her face. She visits Helen at Group Home 3 to have supper together. She is a bit of a game show fanatic and tries to catch Family Feud and The Price is Right every day. Brooke likes to be a trendsetter and was a fan of shows like Dateline and 48hrs way before “true crime” was cool. Brooke likes to help with errands, doing “mail runs”, going out for lunch, shopping, and visiting the salon.  Brooke will offer help, whenever you need!

Irene 24 years with West Central Abilities

Irene loves to bowl with Special Olympics and recently came home with 2 medals from a bowling tournament in Saskatoon. She also likes to play Wii bowling at home on the weekends with her sister, and those games can last all day. Irene enjoys the sunshine and warm days when she can sit out on the back deck and read magazines on the swing. She likes to go for walks, out for lunch and helping with grocery shopping.

Margaret 24 years with West Central Abilities

Margaret is very much a homebody, she really enjoys helping in the kitchen, helping cook or bake, drying dishes and washing the table and placemats. She likes to stay in and do word searches, scratch art, read newspapers, magazines and especially her Kerrobert history books. She really enjoys Wii bowling with her sister and is always a higher scorer. Margaret occasionally likes to go out for a treat, and especially likes the new Burger King restaurant for an ice cream sundae.  She has become an avid fan of watching the game show network when she gets home from her day at the Activity Centre.

Brad Bews 44 years with West Central Abilities

Brad likes to keep busy while he is at home. He puts together a few of his favourite puzzles, he especially loves the “Tractor” puzzles. He is very diligent about keeping up with his shredding and making trips to recycling. He is always excited when he has visits with his family and especially when he goes to Eatonia with Craig for a “bachelor weekend” and it’s just the guys. He enjoys going on regular vacations with his family out to Fairmont.

Group Home 2

Tyson 4 years with West Central Abilities

Tyson is extremely helpful, friendly, and optimistic.  He is always looking at the bright side of things and likes to joke around.  Tyson has been working on his cooking skills throughout this last year and has come up with some really good recipes.  Tyson always has something to chat about, whether it be his newfound love for nutrition, or his old love for video games.  Tyson will take time from his busy schedule to assist anyone in need.

Taylor 9 years with West Central Abilities

Taylor is a very loving guy with a lovely singing voice.  He will sing along to his favorite music and rock so hard that we think the couch is going to tip. His favorite song lately, has been Eye of The Tiger.  He drops a good bass line.  Taylor will always greet staff at the house with a hug and is also a little bit of a jokester.  Taylor loves a good party and will let you know it’s good by his “WHOHOO” approval.

Chantele 13 years with West Central Abilities

Chantele is always so cheerful to greet us in the morning.  She is always signing that she likes us, and we like her too.  Chantele enjoys playing pranks on staff and winning at cards!  Chantele never lets us go past half on the gas tank, and never let us have a dirty van.  Chantele has developed a love of the waterslide and has the biggest smile when she reaches the bottom.  Chantele is also very busy, watching her nieces and nephews play their sports all year around.

Karly 17 years with West Central Abilities

Karly is a very busy Aunty these days.  Her nieces and nephew are her greatest pride and joy.  Karly loves to stay busy working on her reading, writing and math.  She is very caring and is always trying to help, she is the Mother Hen of the house. Karly is always up for a chat, especially if its over a bottle of pop and a chocolatey treat.  She loves spending time at the farm.

Brad Burgardt 41 years with West Central Abilities

Brad is always finding a way to make us laugh and use our brains to think and remember something from the past.  Brad loves to chat and get all the gossip, he finds humor in everything, even if that means being forgotten at church (haha!!)  Brad is also our baking taste tester; he will tell us if its good or blahh.  We always appreciate Brads honesty, even if that means he tells us that we look tired.  Brad has a larger-than-life personality which anyone from his Christian community, the cabin or lake, or his hometown of Kerrobert would testify.  Brad is extremely close with his family and looks forward to phone calls, visits, or trips with them all.

Group Home 3

Liam 5 years with West Central Abilities

Liam is our #1 guy to go to for his love of music trivia and travel knowledge.  He loves movies and always has a good idea for you if you don’t know what to watch.  You can always find Liam by the trail of crumbs from the baking he samples from the kitchen.  Liam loves a good joke. He is super smart, and his giggle is one of a kind and will cheer anybody up.

Trevor 30 years with West Central Abilities

Trevor is our #1 greatest Calgary Flames fan!  Even when they don’t do their best, Trevor cheers them on!  Trevor loves a good prank, likes playing cards and working on math. Trevor is always willing to help in the kitchen (especially when the cheese is out}.  Trevor is kind to everyone and will go out of his way to put a smile on everybody’s face.

Greg 32 years with West Central Abilities

Greg is our #1 ambassador for McDonalds.  His dance moves are one of a kind and his laughter will make dark days brighter.  Greg loves to talk about family and friends.  He enjoys singing and dancing and his upbeat energy lightens up the room.

Helen 34 years with West Central Abilities

Helen is our #1 cat lover.  Helen is a silly loveable lady.  She loves to tell jokes, help in the kitchen with cooking and baking, and is always ready to have coffee and a chat!   Helen is the queen of purple and pink!

Supported Independent Living Program

Arlan 1 year with West Central Abilities

Arlan works part time at Peavy Mart, he loves Star Wars and Anime, is a technology genius when it comes to X-box, PlayStation or Nintendo.  He spends his time gaming, visiting friends in Saskatoon or North Battleford, and goes to see his Mom and Dad in Unity.

Latoyia 5 years with West Central Abilities

Latoyia splits her time between Kindersley, Luseland, and Rockey Mountain House.  She enjoys plants, and gardening, and is very interested in health benefits from food and nature.  She likes to go camping with friends and family, listens to music, or hang out with special friends and her significant other.

Danielle 14 years with West Central Abilities

Dani works at Family Foods, she loves music, arts, and crafts, and is a whiz in the kitchen, especially at making hamburger soup.  She spends her time riding her bike, visiting with acquaintances, and enjoys down time watching movies or tv shows.  You can often find Dani enjoying her favorite beverage at Tim Horton’s.