Busy Busy…

Everyone has ben staying busy regardless of the weather!

On the warm days we were out collecting rocks and have been spending time out on the decks when we can. It is so nice to see the sun on the days when she comes out to warm us up!

Group Home Three did some beautiful rock painting and have set most of their creations out along the walkway in front of their house. They look great!!!

We celebrated Grilled Cheese Day with yummy grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch!! Some of us were so excited that there is no photo evidence that our sandwiches ever existed but Group Home One took pictures of the process and the product. They look so crispy and cheesy *drool*

April 15 was Titanic Remembrance Day and some of us talked about the Titanic or watched the movie or documentaries about the great ship and the tragedy. Group Home One created a Titanic themed lunch that looks delicious and nutritious!

We hope that you enjoy following along with our events and excitement! Check out all of our other pictures, posts and information on our website to see what else has been going on.