Busy as Bees

We have been staying busy with a variety of projects lately! Whether the weather cooperates or not, we have many things to do to keep us busy!

Group Home One residents spent a few days repainting their patio table. It is bright and beautiful and really livens up their deck area! Great work everyone! They also spent an afternoon playing various board games including Monopoly, I’m not sure who won but it looks like everyone had a good time! Irene also discovered her love for popping bubbles one afternoon! Simple things bring joy to all of us!

Karly worked on some bird feeders using recycled supplies to bring feathered friends to the yard at Group Home 2, I’m sure they will need to be replaced many times this summer!

We snapped some pictures of smiling faces during one of our weekly Karaoke sessions with music and dancing!

Finally at the end of May it warmed up enough that we were able to work with Leona to get the garden planted at the Clearview Community Church! We are so grateful to Leona for all of her time and hard work in helping us with this project again this year and to the Clearview Community Church for allowing us to use the space once again!

There have been many other activities keeping us busy as well, we just don’t always have hands to take pictures when we are busy painting, dancing, crafting, etc.