Book Week: Green Eggs and Ham

Group Homes 1 & 3 both chose Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham as their book to focus on last week.  Each house had some different and creative ideas for how to include this book in their activities for the week

The individuals at Group Homer 1 decided to make ham and boiled eggs for lunch on Tuesday! While boiling the eggs, they played scrabble and practiced their spelling and strategy.  Later, they read the book.  Everyone enjoyed the story.

At Group Home 3, Helen took the lead, reading the book to the group on Monday.  Everyone enjoyed listening to the story.  On Tuesday, they gathered to watch an episode of Green Eggs and Ham on Netflix.  Wednesday was spend working on some Dr. Seuss colouring pages and activity sheets and the theme week wrapped up on Thursday with green eggs and ham for lunch!

It sure looks like a great week was had by all!