A New Furry Friend

Helen has wanted a cat for some time now. She was lucky enough to visit a farm and some kittens in the summer and even tried to sneak one home with her. Due to allergies and other concerns a cat was just not possible. But then…Rayanne saw these companion pets online!

Helen watched some videos and checked out the website and the features of the cat and chose to purchase June. Helen was so excited to receive June at the beginning of November and has been very gracious about friends holding and petting her as well. Everyone at Helen’s house seems to really love June.

Later in November, Helen wanted to bring June for a visit at the Activity Centre, so she completed a Pet Visitation Application just like all pet owners must. Her application was approved, and June came for a day at the Activity Centre! Many individuals wanted a turn to hold and pet June and she seemed to be a soothing presence.

Thank you, Helen for being so kind in sharing June with everyone and congratulations on your new furry friend!