Backwards Day

Switch it up today and do it backwards, have breakfast for supper and supper for lunch, try writing your name backwards or with your non-dominant hand, or colouring or painting.  Throw on a backwards hat and see what else you can think of to do backwards.  Can you work together as a group to go […]

Homemade Soup Day

Whip up a batch of soup to enjoy for lunch! A great way to try an old family recipe, a restaurant inspired dish or a new cultural meal!!! Make sure to share pictures of whatever you create and the recipe too!!!

Casino Day

Dress up like you are headed to the casino and try your luck at some games!!! You could set up a buffet lunch to stretch the theme even further!

National Pizza Day

Create homemade pizzas with everyone’s favorite toppings! Make sure you add gooey cheese to the grocery list the week prior so that you are prepared.

Valentine’s Card Making and Mailing

Everyone can make cards for housemates, friends, and family. The staff can help deliver valentines to other houses or send them in the mail to those we are not able to see right now.

Valentine’s Fun

Enjoy some games or crafts, a special lunch and a valentine’s movie on this day!! Wear your favorite pink or red clothing today.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Plan ahead for this day and decide on one or more people who have been kind, caring and compassionate or choose someone who is having a rough time and think of something that you can do to brighten their day! Random Acts of Kindness can be anything from a friendly smile or wave, to a […]

Chocolate Mint Day

YUMMMMM Work together to create something delicious with chocolate and mint! There are so many recipes including tea, hot chocolate, cookies, cakes, muffins, puddings, etc. I’m getting hungry just making this list!!

Hungarian Day

Take time on this day to learn a little about the country of Hungary and their foods and traditions. Margaret and Irene have Hungarian roots and may be helpful resources when planning for this day.

St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate this fun filled day with games, green food and the luck of the Irish!!! Work together to prepare a green lunch.

Purple Day

Wear Purple for Epilepsy Awareness - We know people who experience seizures, and they can be scary. This is a good day to talk about what a seizure is and how each of us can help if we think someone is having a seizure. Individuals who have seizures may be able to share what it […]